We're closing our doors

Dear Friends, 


I’m writing with great sadness to announce that Carrot Flower will be closing permanently. Our last day of service will be May 22. Our lease is ending, and we’ve made the incredibly difficult decision not to renew. 


There are many reasons why we’re closing, but it boils down to the fact that we haven’t found a way to be profitable after four years. This might surprise some of you since we’re busier than ever and people love our food. Unfortunately, being busy and popular does not always lead to profitability, especially in the food service industry. We just haven’t been able to make the margins work in our favor. 


Thank you to all our amazing customers for the love and support you’ve given us from the start. I hope you know how truly grateful we are. The many times you’ve asked how we’re doing, told us how much you appreciate us, how much you love our food, our vibe, our space—this is what kept us going through some trying times. 


I will truly miss our many regulars who visit us daily and whom I’ve come to consider friends. I’ll still be in JP and hope to see you around.


We’re planning to stay open 5 days/week until the end, but please bear with us as we are operating with minimal staff. As we wind down operations, our hours may be a bit erratic. We will update our Facebook page with any schedule changes. 


And finally, please continue to support our local small businesses. I’ve spoken with many JP business owners who are also struggling. Be kind to the workers, only leave good reviews and shop local whenever possible. 


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to realize my dream of opening Carrot Flower. It has been a pleasure serving you. 


Much love, 

Audrey and the Carrot Flower Team